i.            Copy con command:-This command is used to create a new file in ms-dos

          Syntax: -     c:/> copy con < file name > press enter

                    ----------------TEXT----------------Press F6 & press enter

Ex: -            c:/> copy con Quantum press enter

                   “It is the best institute of Computer” Press F6 & press enter

                   1 file (s) copied.

Note: To save the file use F6 button or ctrl+z then press enter


     ii.            Type command:-  This command allows to view the contents of created file on the screen.

Syntax:-      c:/>type < file name >enter

          Ex:-             c:/>type Quantum enter

                             It shows the content of Quantum file.


  iii.            Dir Command:-  This command is used to display all the directories and files.

          Syntax:-     c:/> Dir press enter button.

          Ex.                       c:/> Dir Press enter button.


  iv.            CLS Command :- This command is used to clear the screen.

          Syntax:-     c:/> cls Press enter button.

          Ex.                       C:/> cls  Press enter button.


     v.            Delete command:-  This command is used to delete the files.

          Syntax:-     c:/> del < file name > enter

          Ex.             c:/> del Quantum enter button.


  vi.            Rename command:- This command is used to change the name of any file with new file name.

          Syntax:-     c:/> REN < old file name > < new file name > Press enter button.

Ex :-            c:/>  REN  Quantum  India press enter.

It changes the old file name Quantum with a new file name India.